4 Things You Must Know Before You Run Your Next Online Ad

January 18, 2022

4 Things You Must Know Before You Run Your Next Online Ad

All too often, people are online saying things like, “Facebook Ads don’t work” or “Online advertising doesn’t work for my type of business.”

Hearing how frustrated they are, it’s not easy to say exactly why running an online advertisement for them didn’t work. However, it works for many people, helping to drive targeted traffic to their offer.

Before you hit “Publish” on your next (or first!) advertisement, there are four things you absolutely must know.

1) The “Who” – Targeting the Right Audience

Who are you talking to? Advertising is the only place (really) where stereotyping is okay. Who are you wanting to talk to? The more personal someone feels an ad is, the more likely they are to pay attention.

“Hey overwhelmed moms!” “Hey business owners” “Hey struggling parents”

Simply putting something out there that has a tone of “Hey, you…” doesn’t stand out against the noise.

2) The “What” – What pain point are you solving?

You need to know what DEEP pain point you’re solving. Sure, maybe you want to give the business owner some more time. However, identifying they need more time does not give them enough incentive. All of your competition is trying to sell that.

Yes, time is the only thing you cannot get more of, but what about that time is personal? Are they missing kids’ soccer games? Recitals? Plays? If the parent is divorced, are they having to skip some scheduled weekends with their kids? Have they not taken a vacation in years? What specifically are you wanting to give back to them? The more personal, the more real the pain, the more likely they are to want you to solve that pain point.

3) The “Where” – Where are you going to send them if they click?

A typical business website has everything anyone would want to know about the business. However, attention spans are short. People don’t want to search around to find the solution after you led them there. If it’s not apparent in 3 seconds, they’re gone. This is why so many people see clicks on their ads, only to not get any sales.

For an advertisement, a simple landing page with the offer from your ad will give laser focus and give better clarity.

4) The “How” – How much is this going to cost me?

An advertisement is usually sending cold traffic (meaning someone who doesn’t know you or your business at all) to your offer. If the price is more than $99, you might have some issues selling to cold traffic. People don’t often click on an offer, expecting to spend more than that. $99 and higher is not often a good idea to try to sell cold traffic on.

If this is the first time they’re hearing about your product or service, they need to have more trust that you will absolutely be able to solve their biggest pain. IF you can solve that pain, you will have a customer for life.

You can help potential customers see the value in you and your products or services by first getting their email from the landing page and then using what is known as a drip campaign (a pre-scheduled set of emails) to “warm-up” the audience. Perhaps giving them more value – small pieces of information and evidence through testimonials and knowledge that you are the right person for them to solve their big problem.

At Pacific Creative Studio, we work with small business owners to help them get the best results from their advertisements. If you need a hand or have questions, feel free to contact us any time! Our schedule is fairly flexible and we love working with small businesses to give them excellent online advertisements.

If advertising isn’t your forte, don’t fret! We can create and manage all of the steps for your campaign. Just reach out through our Contact page at https://pacificcreativestudio.com/contact-us/ and we will be in touch soon.

We help many different kinds of companies grow successfully from their services or products being seen by a wider audience who may not have known they existed before. Take a look at our case studies and reviews (https://pacificcreativestudio.com/case-studies/) to find out more about Pacific Creative Studio and how we can help you grow your business.

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