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A young couple sitting at a table on a wedding, talking to guests.

The Important Factor In A Wedding Speech

In any speaking engagement, one of the most critical factors is the audience. Let this article help you with your wedding speech.

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Close up Human Hand Signing on Formal Paper

How to Get Testimonials for an Unlaunched Product

If you haven’t launched a product yet, how can you get testimonials for it? Pacific Creative Studio has gathered some tips to show you how.

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Calculator and alarm clock

Home-Based Business and Taxes

One of the most confusing things for people that work from home or operate a home-based business is taxes.

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Young caucasian couple standing in a gallery and contemplating artwork

Accepting and Handling Criticism

Everyone is a critic. Especially in today’s online faceless world. Accepting and handling criticism is a great way to get ahead in today’s business world.

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