Converting a Porch into a Home Office

August 31, 2019

Converting a Porch into a Home Office

One of the many issues when starting to work from home is finding a great space to become your office. You’re going to need a place to work and, if you don’t have a spare room to transform into an office, you’ll need to find another space to use. It may mean that you must think outside of the box a little if you’re going to create the perfect home office.

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To begin with, this office doesn’t HAVE to be INSIDE your home. It can just as quickly be an outside part of your home once it’s converted to a more useable space. One of the perfect areas to turn into an office is a porch. You can locate it in front of your house or a patio in the back of your house. Either one can convert into a high-end home office.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to use glass to enclose it or make it a completely new room as a part of the house by using wood, drywall, or paneling. If you choose to surround it in glass, you’ll still want to enclose the bottom half as you would a room inside your home. Then you can have an office that boasts surrounding windows in the top half while protecting the bottom half of the room with wood.

Converting a Porch into a Home Office

This type of office is beautiful and offers you a view of the outdoors in a way that keeps you feeling imprisoned within your four walls. In this way, no matter where you set your desk, you’ll have a view that makes you feel as if you’re a part of the outdoor environment. You can also install mini-blinds on the windows so that you can have privacy if you’re working in the evening and at night. It’s very inexpensive and straightforward to install these; however, you can always choose to put up curtains instead.

Depending on the type of floor you have for your newly converted office, you can either leave it as is or install some carpeting. Room size rugs can also work. If the floor is bare concrete, you may want to consider installing carpet or laminate wood over it so that it will offer more insulation and comfort when you walk. For a wooden plank style of flooring, you can always keep that as it is and add a few throw rugs. The decision is totally up to you as to what makes you the most comfortable.

Converting a Porch into a Home Office

Lastly, move your desk and chair into the office along with any cabinets and shelving you may need. Once you’ve put everything in the places you want them in, it’s time to start USING the office for its intended purpose. Usually, a converted office of this type will also have room for something like a loveseat and end table in case you have clients visit, or you want to relax a bit on your break. Either way, you’ve got the perfect office on a budget.

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