How Much Does Wix Cost?

February 18, 2021

How Much Does Wix Cost?

Website creation programs like Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy have given business owners the opportunity to take their websites into their own hands. How much does Wix Cost? Like, really cost?

Let’s dig in and get some answers.

How much does Wix cost?

Firstly, WIX offers a free website option.
That website is going to be:
And while that doesn’t seem that bad or that hard to remember, the reason you’re building a website is to not only give yourself a web presence but also to look professional. They’re also allowed to show ads for their business on your website.

If you were looking to start working with a business, would YOU take them seriously if they didn’t have
Probably not.

The lowest package they have available is $14/mo.
For a year that comes out to $168. Not bad, right?
That will allow you to bring in or something similar if it’s available.
They also give you your SSL certificate included (security certificate) and 3GB of storage space.
This sounds like enough to really get your website going, doesn’t it?

Truth be told, it won’t be long before you realize that 3GB doesn’t really get you a lot for your website. So you look at the plans again. The next one is $18/mo.
That’s only $4 more, right? Only $60 more per year. Now you’re up to $216 a year. You’re still getting and the SSL, but now you get 10GB of space and some extra things like ad credits and a booster app.

That’s not your only cost, though.
Let’s say you spend about 8 hours building your site. You go through all the tools, all the little apps, connect your accounts, and build your site. Something you’re really proud of. How exciting to navigate to your website at! You hit refresh a bunch of times, waiting to see what happens. You tell your friends and family and are really excited!

How much does Wix cost?
Quick side question – how much is your time worth hourly?

No, really. If you had to put an hourly rate on your time – what would it be?
Let’s say you settle at $35/hr.
$35*8=$280 plus an entire day’s worth of work down the drain. You might have to make that up instead of spending time with your family.
But you have a website that you built and you’re proud of!

A week goes by and you’re looking at your numbers (you know how to do that, right? If not, that might be another 2 hours or so ($70) trying to figure that out and connecting your Google Analytics account….)

You notice your bounce rate is really high! That means people are clicking on your site and leaving almost right away.
They didn’t take even a minute to read over your carefully crafted paragraph about the history of your company or what it means to you.


How much does Wix cost?

Well, okay. Back to the drawing board. How can you get people to spend more time on your website? Well, now you gotta go Google that.
So that takes you another 3 hours or so down the rabbit hole. ($105)
Then spend the time making the changes to your website – maybe ANOTHER 3 hours. ($105)

As a result, that’s 6 hours of time you didn’t spend building your actual business or spending it with your family.

Just a note – you’re already at $776 that you’ve put into your website. That’s NOT including any stock photos you’ve purchased, analytic reading programs you purchased, website building courses you purchased…. that’s JUST the cost of your site plus the cost of the time that you’ve put in.
That’s assuming you value your time at $35/hr.

What if you value your time at $50/hr?
Or $75/hr?
Or more?
What is your website truly costing you by doing it for “free” or “$14 per month?”

So how much does Wix really cost?

What if you just handed it over to a professional to do?

What if – instead of spending all that time and energy on building a website and HOPING you get it right – you could just let someone build you a professional-looking website that is crafted by people who know how to reduce bounce rate and speak to your ideal customer?

How much time would it save if someone could even manage it for you and handle updates so they get done. As a result, you can take it off your plate. You could use that time to go find clients, operate your business, or spend that time with your family?

How would that feel?
What could you do with all that extra time?
What would it feel like to not worry about it?

Let’s make that happen for you. Give yourself your time back.

Are you ready to get your time back?
Let’s talk about a hassle-free website.

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