Rollers Direct

Coyote Fence Rollers

Project Overview

The owner contacted me, looking for ways to increase her sales. Since the start of the pandemic, her sales had dropped to nearly half of what they normally were.

Even though she resides and runs her business from the Olympic Peninsula, she wanted to market to the United States through her Ecommerce store.


Rollers Direct



The product that Rollers Direct provides is a big leap in pet safety that was relatively unknown. It’s a patented product with a lifetime warranty so it didn’t have a lot of options for follow up sales. It’s also a higher cost item so many people were not purchasing on their first visit.

This company wanted to reach more potential customers and increase their sales to help protect more pets from getting out and stop coyotes from getting in.

Social Media

We started increasing their social media presence with 3+ posts per week. We worked to entertain and educate the audience about pet safety.

PPC Advertising

We utilized PPC methods to bring them to the very top of Google Search, dominating their competition.

YouTube Advertising

We created multiple video ads using formats meant for social media that were shared across different platforms and gained a lot of traction. We also utilized video on their website in order to help with visualizing how the product works and could help the potential customers.

Their most successful campaign came from running an educational advertisement on YouTube, bringing in many new sales opportunities. 


Normal numbers for the company prior to marketing were between $10,000 and $20,000.

Due to the combined marketing efforts of Pacific Creative Studio, the company had their first $40,000 month during what was usually their their slowest sales season.

Increase in Unique Users

The website saw an increase of unique visitors who often returned to make a purchase.



Improvement in Organic Search

The SEO on their website was already well established but the increase in traffic helped to drive Rollers Direct to the top of Google Searches.



Mobile Growth Community

The biggest increase in traffic came from mobile users due to the social media campaigns we were running. We consulted with the company and helped to make sure that their website was mobile friendly to welcome their new mobile traffic influx.