Strait Comfort Systems

Heating and Cooling Company

Project Overview

The business owner was feeling frustrated as many of his calls came from repairs he was doing after another company had failed to perform.

Many of his clients said they wish they had known from the start that he did installations as well so they could have called him, first.


Strait Comfort Systems



The company had a welcome video on their website that we were able to build an advertisement from.

The owner agreed to try a YouTube ad to see if he could increase brand awareness.

YouTube Advertisement

We ran a YouTube advertisement for the client targeting the areas he was available to work in.

PPC Advertisement

We utilized a PPC strategy using the same targeting methods and our targeted keyword approach to bring him to the top of the local search results.


After a month we contacted the client to see if he wanted to continue services.

His response was that he couldn’t afford not to. Many of his new appointments in his books said they found him because of his advertising. 

Increase in Unique Users

58% of the people who saw the ad, watched more than 30 seconds of it.



Improvement in Organic Search

Search traffic increased exponentially.



Mobile Growth Community

The website saw it’s first mobile users and traffic increased continually during the campaign.